The COVID Diary

The home of the covid diary - the anti-inspirational planner for 2021 that revisits the events of 2020 on a week by week basis
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The anti inspirational 2021 planner

The COVID Diary

Are we nearly there yet? Screamed humanity as 2021 approached. Like a child desperate for a pee on a long car journey, the population of the world crossed their legs, hunkered down and hoped they could make it to the end. The year has given us civil rights uprisings whilst dividing society like never before, uprooted politicians across the globe and driven social media to new extremes as millions rely on the unknown to keep them safe and guide them through the days ahead. It has been a year to forget but also a year dominated by covid where so much was forgotten.

The Covid Diary is an (anti?) inspirational planner for 2021 that talks through the events you know about in 2020, and also some you may have missed - we track countries entering and exiting lockdowns, first cases appearing across the world and the exponential spread of covid as it embarks on a world tour (and revival tour); the year was not all about the pandemic and this hopefully brings some of the other news from the globe whilst tracking the main actions of the UK and US governments as they battle internal politics, media leaks and public opinion to find a way through the year. Bring on 2022!

Usable Planner

At A4 size, the planner is designed to be used and enjoyed.  On one side of the planner you have the calendar with UK holidays already marked, and on the other you have commentary that marks the events of that week in 2020, along with news and stories that you may have missed or forgotten about.

Decent Quality

I didn’t want just a horrible, thin, flimsy thing, so this is an A4 hardback with high quality 130gsm semi-gloss paper.  This means the planner can actually be used (I recommend a biro pen)


Dates are marked with important information such as:

  • Lockdown Start and End in various countries

  • UK Public Holidays

  • First Cases Reported in countries

  • Weekly case and death rates

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What people are saying!

One of my friends:
I love it!  It’s so morbid but so interesting. Let me know if I get one for free!
My husband:
Well done baby!  
Are you making a brew now?
Someone on Twitter:
Why the HELL would you want to write anything that makes you remember this year? 


All information in the planner is obtained from public sources; this is deliberate so you can match up information with a search of public records.  
Case and death data is from data published by the European Centre for Disease Control as of 20th November 2020, therefore is subject to variation (please note we excluded data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship).  First Reported Cases are obtained from media reports, data and press releases; please note that there may be a day (or maximum two) of variation between the first case in a country and the acknowledgement/addition to data sets.  I have, where possible, used the data set to drive the date chosen for the first case being reported as this is more accurate; in the sense that this is the date that matches the records held by authorities.
World events are driven by media reports and the information on lockdowns is again driven by media reports and government press releases/information updates.  Where lockdowns end, it is the day that restrictions are eased to any extent, not necessarily a full lifting of measures. For lockdown, I used the term to define any period where specific restrictions are entered in to that limit movements or close parts of the economy, and are enforceable by law.

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